Log-Cutter 2.0.2 Released

Log-Cutter 2.0.2 update

1、An increase filing actuators ArcFileRunner:

1) ArcFileRunner compress and archive the file or folder compression which meets the conditions to the specified directory and delete the original file or folder
2) The attribute expire archives specified expiration time, the attribute archive-path archives specified directory
3) Archive file format: {original file / folder name} _ {system time} zip

      (Example: The following configuration can archive the file or the last modification time of the file more than 90 days folder to the directory ‘E: \ backup’)

      <archive-files archive-path=”E:\backup” expire=90>
          <file path=”X:\MyApp\logs”>*</file>
          <file path=”X:\nginx-1.4.1\logs”>*.log</file>

2、support for multiple files cleanup strategies:

1) config.xml can configure multiple files : , or
2) Different configuration items can be cleaned using different strategy parameters

      (Example: two archive cleanup strategies following configuration, specify a different expiration time archiving and archive directory)

      <archive-files archive-path=”E:\backup” expire=90>
          <file path=”X:\MyApp\logs”>*</file>
          <file path=”X:\nginx-1.4.1\logs”>*.log</file>
      <archive-files archive-path=”E:\backup2″ expire=300>
          <file path=”X:\MyApp2\logs”>*</file>
          <file path=”X:\Tomcat-6\logs”>*.log</file>

3、the file deleted actuator DelFileRunner supports recursive delete folder:

1) DelFileRunner qualified recursively delete folder and all the files in that folder
2) Note: In determining whether to delete the folder, testing is the last modification time of folders rather than the time that the file was last modified

      (Example: The following configuration will delete logs: all file or directory last modified clip longer than 90 days)

     <delete-files expire=90>
         <file path=”X:\MyApp\logs”>*</file>

4、the first start-up delay actuator configuration ” supports specify an absolute time:

1) When specified as an integer value, the actuator first starts delay time for the number of hours set value
2) When designated as a ‘hh: mm’ value format, the actuator for the first time, start time score


      < -! 12 hours after the first start Actuators ->

      <!– 12:34 first start actuators, if the current time exceeds 12:34 in tomorrow’s 12:34 first start Actuators –>

5、 increased running-only-once mode:

1) In the single run mode, LogCutter runs all actuators immediately at startup, when all actuators finished running the program exits
2) single mode of operation can be avoided LogCutterthat has been running as a resident process, such as task scheduler with CronTab can achieve the purpose of regular cleanup
3) run under a single operating mode LogCutter ignores configuration file ‘start-check-delay’ and ‘check-interval’ configuration items
4)via the command line parameter ‘-1′ indicates the use of a single run mode starts LogCutter


         Windows : > run.bat -1
      Unix/Linux : > run.sh -1 [ -d ]

the first start-up delay actuator configuration ” supports specify an absolute time:

1) Just configured system environment variables ‘JAVA_HOME’ (or ‘JRE_HOME’) and ‘CLASSPATH’ to start the script by running LogCutter
2) startup script accepts command line parameters and passed to LogCutter program. By additional parameters which run.sh ‘-d’ indicates the background LogCutter

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