JessMA (formerly: Portal-Basic) is a full-featured and high-performance Full-Stack Web application development framework, built-in scalable MVC Web infrastructure and DAO database access components (interior has provided Hibernate, MyBatis and JDBC DAO components), integrated Action interception, Form / Dao / Spring Bean assembly, internationalization, file upload/download ,pages to be static and other Web-based application components , provided efficient and flexible pure Jsp / Servlet API programming model ,  seamlessly integrated with Spring, supports Action Convention . It can quickly develop traditional and RESTful style applications.By the way there are documentation and sample perfect examples for the learner.

    JessMA early in the design fully focuses on functionality, performance and user’s experience. JessMA main features:
★ fully functions: built a stable and efficient infrastructure and DAO MVC framework , supports Action interception, Form Bean / Dao Bean / Spring Bean assembly and declarative transactions, internationalization, file upload/download ,pages to be static and other Web-based application components.It can meet the needs of the vast majority of Web applications.
★ Highly extendibilities: JessMA  can be flexibly extended by plug-in mechanism , JessMA release package : jessma-ext-rest and jessma-ext-spring are in the form of plug-ins, users may need to load or unload these plug-ins. Application developers can also extend JessMA according to the practical needs to write custom plugins.
★ powerful integrative capabilities: JessMA is a Full-Stack framework, but also an open framework that can be very simple to integrate third-party components. The development manual will detail how to integrate Freemarker, Velocity, Urlrewrite, EHCache-Web, Spring, Hibernate, Mybaits and  other common frameworks or components.
★ High performance: Performance requirements are hard targets of JessMA, from the design of each module and actualization each line of code are concise and efficient. In addition, Portal-Basic has no excessive packaging on JSP / Servet API , developers still use JSP / Servet API to develop applications, without excessive performance is assured.
★ Excellent experience: One of the JessMA’s design goals is to provide a good development experience, minimizing application developers’ work. API is designed to be simple, complete and clear. Meanwhile, JessMA provides application development a lot of Util-tools to deal with the general problem of the application development process, often encountered further reduce of the burden on the application developer.
★ Gentle learning curve: L describes  earning to use JessMA needs to master certain Core Java and JSP / Servlet knowledge, this will be a gradual development manual that each knowledge points, each point will be combined with the complete examples, back and forth between  knowledge points. it echoed ensure learners that  learn new things while learning and you will digest the ideas.
★ perfect technical support: In addition to providing a sound development of manuals and sample code, it also provides blog and QQ group all the problems encountered in the process of using JessMA for answers.