Log-Cutter is a simple and practical cutting tool to clean up the log. For daily maintenance of the server, the log cleaning is a very important thing, if it is a serious waste too much residual log disk space affects the performance of the service. If cleaned by hand, it will take too much time, and its often difficult to meet the actual requirements. For example: How Every Saturday 3:00 to exceed 2G for cutting large log files, keep the latest 100M logging? On internet its not found to meet the above requirements. Because you want to use on multiple platforms, in order to facilitate the use of Java. This tool is named Log-Cutter, has the following characteristics:
  • Support Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems for all common platforms
  • Support command line interactive operation
  • Support background non-interactive operation (Linux / MAC using the daemon process to achieve the next, Windows System Service with implementation)
  • Supports three log cleaning methods (delete the log files, cut the log files or archive log files)
  • Support for GB18030, UTF-8, UTF-16LE, UTF-16BE and other common types of log files to be cut (do not cut off half the characters happen)
  • Highly configurable (program execution cycle, the log file you want to delete the expiration time, to cut the log file size threshold can be configured and retention
For details refer to and use: <Operating Guide>